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OnestopMining, a subsidiary of Digifarm Group established in 2017, is a comprehensive mining solution provider, specializing in delivering superior and effective mining solutions. Our services range from supplying new and used miners, mining rigs, power supplies, and miner accessories to operating, repairing, and designing mining farm devices, as well as providing mining hosting services. At OnestopMining, expect a prompt and expert response to all your mining needs.

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Goldshell LB LITE(1620GH) Miner - OnestopMining Shop
Sold: 11
Available: 82
WhatsMiner M30S++ 102T - OnestopMining Shop
Sold: 7
Available: 75
Antminer S19XP+HYD ASIC Miner - OnestopMining Shop
Sold: 9
Available: 80
Goldshell SC Box ll 1.9TH/S - OnestopMining Shop
Sold: 10
Available: 90

A responsive company who doesn't copy and paste generic answers to questions? That's OnestopMing. Spending this much on anything will make you apprehensive, let alone on a BTC miner. I'll only buy my future miners from OnestopMing because they genuinely want their customers to be happy with their purchase and to help with any other questions I had (and there were a lot). The price might not be the lowest, but it'll be highly competitive and you'll have the peace of mind knowing you have somewhere to go with any questions.

Justin Kramer

I received a great unit that worked out of the box. Packaging was great too. The PSU that came with it powers two units. When I had a question, the seller was also very responsive and helpful. Overall, hoghly recommended if you are looking for a ASIC miner.


Seller gave me a BIG discount on this miner because there was a big price drop within 30 days of when I bought it. That was SUPER COOL of the seller to do that!!
And the miner has worked flawlessly out of the box.

D. R. Gamble

for some reviews I have read are funny, this is an expensive computer… no doubt about that, but when your using it for the intended purpose it pays it’s self off. Don’t be mad it takes more then a few weeks or days to generate 10,000$+ in revenue. Sometimes it’s because you don’t know what your doing so it doesn’t work right. Very simple computer know what your doing b4 you fiddle with it!

For those who say these are NOT good I beg to differ little, I work on these on a large scale, definitely worth every penny and pays off fast!

Jaron king

Purchased direct and received the shipment earlier than expected. It states 13.5TH/s, but I am getting a pretty consistent 13.6TH/s, using a high-end ATX power-supply at 110v on "eco mode".

It is heavy and delicate at the same time, but sounds like a jet. This is for commercial-grade hashing. If you want to hash quietly in the home or have environmental factors, one may want to consider the R4. Forum posts have referred to these as "wife-busters". This machine does belong within a server room type setting. One may want to consider learning on an older model because there is a little bit of technical knowledge needed.

It's pointed at the 20+ PH/s PPLNS KanoPool in the USA and is working as expected.


I was concerned with purchasing this because it was my first step into ASIC mining and it from China. I was happy to see I was worried about nothing. It was really easy to setup and it's been running for two days without any issues. Surprised how quite it is.

Gadget Fox

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