Repairing Process

1. Contact Repairing Team

Feel free to contact our repairing team to negotiate your demand in detail.

2. Send Miner to Repairing Center

When the repair demand is confirmed,please send the miner to the nearest repair center. Global distributions for repairing and maintenance centers.

  • Huston, UnitedStates
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates

3. Send Quotation

We will detect miner when receiving it. If there exists the below or other serious damage, we inform you and send you a detailed repairing quotation list.

  • Water/Oil corrosion
  • Chips cannot work
  • Overclocking problem
  • Hash board cannot work,etc.

4. Repairing Miner

Repair the miner once you confirmed the quotation.

5. Payment

Please pay the fee when we complete the repair.

6. Send Miner Back

We send miner back. Before that, we would test miner back to ensure it works well.