Step-by-Step Setup Guide for Antminer S19J Pro

Step-by-Step Setup Guide for Antminer S19J Pro

Understanding the Antminer S19J Pro
Unpacking and Contents Check
Necessary Additional Equipment
Location and Environment
Setting Up the Hardware
Connecting to Power Supply
Configuring Network Settings
Accessing the Web Interface
Configuring Mining Pool Settings
Updating Firmware
Monitoring and Maintaining
Tips for Optimal Performance
Troubleshooting Common Issues
Frequently Asked Questions


The Antminer S19J Pro is one of the most powerful ASIC bitcoin miners available today. With advanced semiconductor technology and optimized design, it offers industry-leading hashrate to maximize mining profits. However, properly setting up the S19J Pro involves some key steps.

This guide will walk through the setup process for the Antminer S19J Pro, from unpacking to configuration and monitoring. With the right location, power supply, network and pool settings, your S19J Pro can start generating bitcoin efficiently. Follow along for a comprehensive step-by-step walkthrough!

Understanding the Antminer S19J Pro

The Antminer S19J Pro model utilizes enhanced 7nm chip technology for energy efficiency. Key specs include:

  • Hashrate Power: Up to 140 TH/s
  • Power Efficiency: 29.5±% 5% J/TH
  • Power Consumption: 3050W ± 5%

It supports connection via Ethernet/WiFi and has dual mining modes. Built-in fans provide intelligent heat dissipation. Overall, the S19J Pro delivers top-level mining power in a compact form factor.

Unpacking and Contents Check

Carefully unpack the corrugated boxes and remove all packaging. The contents should include:

  • 1 x Antminer S19J Pro Miner
  • 1 x Power Supply Unit
  • 1 x Ethernet Cable
  • 1 x Power Cable
  • Documentation

Inspect all items for any sign of damage during shipping. Check that model numbers match on the miner and power supply. Contact support if any issues. Keep all packaging materials until setup is complete.

Necessary Additional Equipment

To operate the Antminer S19J Pro, you will need:

  • 220V/240V 30A power source
  • Heavy duty PDU power strip
  • Ethernet switch and router
  • Mining pool account
  • Computer for web interface

Procure all additional equipment before placement and installation. Use enterprise-grade networking hardware for best stability.

Location and Environment

Proper placement is crucial for optimizing performance and lifetime of the S19J Pro. Ideal conditions include:

  • Temperature: Under 40°C
  • Humidity: Under 60%
  • Well-ventilated, dust-free room
  • Near dedicated 20-30A circuit power source

Avoid placing in home environments. Excess dust, humidity and heat buildup will throttle performance. Setup in a clean data center or mining farm facility for best results.

Setting Up the Hardware

With all equipment and space ready, begin hardware setup:

  1. Mount miner hardware securely in racks or shelves. Allow 6-12 inches rear clearance.
  2. Connect LAN cable from router to miner Ethernet port.
  3. Plug in the heavy duty PDU power strip nearby.
  4. Connect miner power supply unit to power strip.
  5. Finally, connect power cable to miner power port to complete the hardware setup.

Connecting to Power Supply

Begin powering up the hardware:

  1. Turn on the facility or room circuit breaker for the miner's electrical circuit.
  2. Flip the power switch on the PDU to energize the outlets.
  3. Toggle the power supply unit switch to turn on the miner's power.
  4. The miner will automatically boot up when powered on.
  5. Led lights on the front confirm power status.

Start with powering the miner alone to verify stability initially. Monitor power draw and temps closely at first.

Configuring Network Settings

In order to connect with the miner, LAN network settings must be properly configured:

  1. Ensure the router DHCP server is enabled to assign IP addresses.
  2. Identify the IP address assigned to the miner in the router admin interface.
  3. If needed, you can assign a static IP address manually via the miner's web UI.
  4. Configure port forwarding on the router if remotely accessing the miner over the internet.

Double check cabling and VLAN settings if the miner is not obtaining an IP address as expected. Proper network configuration is critical.

Accessing the Web Interface

With network settings completed, you can now connect to the miner's web UI:

  1. Open a browser on your management computer.
  2. Enter the miner's IP address in the address bar.
  3. Log in with username “root” and the default password “admin”.
  4. You will see the dashboard showing device information and status.

This web interface is vital for configuring, monitoring, and managing the Antminer S19J Pro.

Configuring Mining Pool Settings

Proper setup allows pushing mined blocks to your desired bitcoin mining pool:

  1. Under the “Miner Configuration” menu, select “Mining Settings”.
  2. Enter your preferred mining pool URL, port, username and password.
  3. Scroll down and click Save and Apply to set the pool parameters.
  4. Double check pool account setup before starting actual mining operations.

Successful pool connectivity means steady mining payouts down the road.

Updating Firmware

It is highly recommended to upgrade the S19J Pro firmware for the latest features and security:

  1. In the web UI, go to the Firmware Update page.
  2. Download the latest firmware file from
  3. Select the downloaded file and click Update.
  4. The miner will install the firmware and automatically reboot.

Schedule firmware upgrades for off-peak hours to minimize mining interruption. Keep firmware updated for optimal stability.

Monitoring and Maintaining

Ongoing maintenance is key for maximizing the operational lifetime and profitability of your Antminer S19J Pro:

  • Check temperature and fan speeds using the dashboard.
  • Keep the intake vents free of debris and dust buildup.
  • Regularly reboot and verify configuration settings.
  • Schedule periodic firmware updates.
  • Replace the air filter as needed.
  • Monitor the pool dashboard to validate active mining.
  • Keep ethernet cabling in good condition.
  • Diagnose and address any performance issues promptly.

With proper monitoring and care, your S19J Pro will deliver years of optimized bitcoin mining results.

Tips for Optimal Performance

Follow these tips for keeping your S19J Pro hashing at peak efficiency:

  • Keep the ambient temperature under 30°C.
  • Maintain ventilation and free airflow around the miners.
  • Use enterprise-grade networking hardware for stability.
  • Keep humidity low to avoid condensation inside.
  • Apply updated firmware frequently.
  • Set fan speeds at optimal levels, not 100%.
  • Use the same pool for all your ASICs.
  • Leave space between miners to prevent overheating.
  • Set clocks and voltage to factory settings.
  • Use dual PSUs for maximum redundancy.

Achieving optimal performance requires balancing many factors. Make adjustments gradually and monitor operations continuously.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Here are solutions to some frequently encountered Antminer S19J Pro problems:

No network connectivity - Check LAN cabling, router and switch. Reboot components and verify DHCP and VLANs.

Can’t access web UI - Confirm IP address is correct. Check for port forwarding if remote access. Reset password if needed.

Not hashing as expected - Validate pool URL and credentials. Check for excessive temp, dust or noise. Compare to baseline stats.

Pool shows inactive - Ensure internet connection is stable. Verify pool URL, port and login are correct. Check firewall settings.

Frequent crashes - Rule out overheating. Update firmware. Replace PSU if issues persist. Lower overclock settings if applied.

Power supply failure - Replace defective PSU promptly. Reconfigure dual PSU mode if enabled. Isolate and verify power stability.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What internet speed do I need for the S19J Pro?
    • At least 100 Mbps download and upload is recommended for reliable connectivity.
  2. What is the max operating temperature?
    • For longevity, keep ambient temps below 40°C. Performance declines above this.
  3. Is wi-fi supported on the S19J Pro?
    • Wi-fi is technically supported but ethernet is strongly recommended for stability.
  4. Do I need to cover the intake vents?
    • Never obstruct the front/bottom intake vents. This causes immediate overheating.
  5. How often should the miner firmware be updated?
    • Upgrading every 1-2 months ensures latest fixes and features.
  6. Can the S19J Pro mine other coins besides Bitcoin?
    • No, Bitcoin (SHA-256) is the only supported algorithm on this model.


With proper setup and care, the powerful Antminer S19J Pro will reliably produce maximum mining profits year after year. Follow this step-by-step guide closely when deploying your miners. Proper location, power, connections, configuration and maintenance are essential to success. Monitor operations diligently, and optimize based on performance data. Your investment in top-tier ASIC miners like the S19J Pro will pay dividends for your mining business down the road. The future of Bitcoin is bright, and the S19J Pro is the most advanced way to participate.

6 Frequently Asked Questions About the Antminer S19J Pro

  1. How loud is the Antminer S19J Pro?

    The S19J Pro produces about 75dB of noise. While not extremely loud, it is recommended to keep the miners in a separate dedicated facility for best results.

  2. What is the maximum power consumption?

    3050W is the typical consumption at full load. Dual PSU configurations can reach over 6000W total draw during peak conditions.

  3. What size electrical circuit do I need?

    A 220V/240V 30A circuit is recommended for powering each S19J Pro unit. Plan infrastructure accordingly based on your miner count.

  4. Does it come fully assembled?

    Yes, the S19J Pro ships fully tested and ready for quick setup out of the box once electrical and network connections are made.

  5. Can it be overclocked for more hashrate?

    Yes, some increased hash can be achieved via firmware settings. However stability issues are common if pushed too far. Conservative OC is recommended.

  6. What is the warranty period for the S19J Pro?

    The manufacturer's warranty covers the S19J Pro for a period of 180 days after purchase. Extended warranties are available.


The S19J Pro demands a professional mining facility for ideal conditions. But with the right setup and maintenance, unmatched Bitcoin mining potential can be achieved. Use this guide as a roadmap for properly configuring and managing your investment for many years of optimized performance. The future success of your mining operation starts here.


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